Learn what Drawing Supplies are Needed to Start Your Artistic Journey.

Drawing tools are inexpensive and easy to find.

drawing supplies

Art can get down right expensive...

Oil, watercolor, and acrylic painters must purchase several tubes of expensive colors. They need different types of brushes, painting knives, thinners, brush cleaners, canvasses, and more. Buying the things that are needed to do the work efficiently can really put a dent in the old bank account (I know, I've been there).

Then there's the clean-up...just cleaning the brushes can be very time consuming.

But the supplies for pencil art are comparatively inexpensive, and clean-up is light and easy.

Graphite drawing tools are easy to find in any large hobby/craft store. There are also several reputable on line stores that have the tools you'll need at pretty decent prices.

After you browse around on the various pages above, take some notes on what supplies you think you will need to get started.

Remember, you won't need to have every tool that's available to get started... you can always get other tools later as you progress in you skills.

Some of them you may never need.

Or, most likely, you will discover some neat tools on your own (you will share these discoveries with me, won't you?).

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