This Art Gallery will give you a chance to share your drawings with others.

The gallery below is an example of how things will look on this page.

One of my first drawings.

A WIP of a commission I did.

I did this one as a gift for an old friend.

I never intended to finish this one.

Another attempt at Elvis.

I stopped when I thought the mouth was satisfactory enough.

This was my very first portrait using the methods I teach on this site.

Please send your submissions to:

I created this art gallery for anyone to showcase their drawing achievements.

You may submit...

  • works of your own
  • commissioned works
  • a WIP (Work In Progress),
  • a series of photos showing the process of a drawing
  • a drawing done with any type of drawing medium (no "paintings" please)

When sending your photo you might include some information that would be of interest to the visitors of the art gallery.

Some good tidbits might include:

  • the types of drawing pencils/tools used
  • the size/type of paper used
  • how long it took to finish
  • the background story of the subject/project
  • any other information that would be of interest to other visitors

I reserve the right to refuse or remove any submission for any reason. A drawing submission might be refused because of the subject matter, the legality of the subject matter, submitting a drawing that is not their own, or other similar reasons.

Feel free to make positive comments below and enjoy the art gallery.

Let me know what you think of my site, or send me a question.

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