Drawing Pencils Are So Easy to Use.

Drawing  pencils are pretty basic in design. Everything you need is contained in a simple, self-contained device. You have no need for special preparations before using them. And when you are finished, you have no need for a lengthy, messy clean-up;  just store them away.

artist's drawing pencils

Use Drawing Pencils to:

  • do free flowing exercises
  • Practice making the same shape over and over
  • Practice a technique that you need to work on
  • Draw the first thing you see

Pencils have been around for quite some time. Many a great artist has used it to draw an outline before creating a great masterpiece.

Some artists prefer to use them on a complete drawing.

Artists who work in every medium of art have used the humble pencil. Sometimes it's used to sketch out an idea before completing a work in another medium. Or it is used as a way of keeping the drawing muscles in tip-top shape.

Whether it's used as a supplementary tool, or as the main medium, the humble pencil is a handy tool to have in your art supplies toolbox.

The Classic Number 2 Pencil

The standard yellow "No. 2 " is great for every day use at school or the office.

Because these yellow No2 classics are inexpensive and readily available just about everywhere, they are the best choice for working out your “drawing muscles”.

You will want a more refined pencil to produce quality artwork. That's when you will use "artist quality"  pencils.

Some of the types of artist's pencils you'll get to choose from are...

I suggest you do some research on some of the brands that are available. Try out several of them and find a couple that you can call "your favorites".

Here is a nicely done pencil article from wonderstreet.com that does some of the research for you.

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