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artist Jeffrey Rutledge


My name is Jeff...what about me? I'm the guy behind the website.

When I go to some websites I like to check-out the About Me/Us page.

So...because some of you do the same thing, I thought that I would put together this page for you.

I've lived in Yee-Haa...Wichita for about 45 years.

I graduated from Friends University with a B.S.Ed. degree, and have been a teacher pretty much ever since.

While attending college I decided to take a course on painting. It was then that I discovered that I had the ability to see colors, values and tones, and translate what I saw onto the canvas.

Not to brag, but the other students would have sworn that I had been painting for years.

Later, I took some classes from a local artist who was an established portraitist.

I continued honing my skills, and eventually got some commissioned work.

I really love the way oils move on the canvas, and how the right mix of colors can create wondrous beauty.

However, I found that oils took a lot of time to prepare and clean-up.

Additionally, after moving to a new home, I no longer have the space that is necessary when working in oils.

I happened upon a book on pencil drawing and decided to give graphite drawing a try.

Once again I found that I had some hidden talent, and have been doing portraits in pencil for about 10 years now.

I'm not a "professional", but it seems as though I am always working on a commission for someone.

After doing a great deal of research on website hosts, I found one that would not only host a site, but train me on the best way to build and optimize it.

I chose to build a site that would show how easy it is to draw when using the correct techniques.

A website should always be evolving, so I don't think that I will ever be able to proclaim my site as finished. I think that I will be working on it till the end.

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