You'll need an art projector for enlarging small photos.

art projector

Here are a few reasons why you might use an art projector:

  • You develop watery eyes while drawing
  •  The photos you're using for references are way too small to see
  • You need a magnifying glass to see detail from those itty- bitty elementary school class photos
  • You need to make a poster size or larger drawing or painting

  • Someone begs you to do a drawing of their great-great grandma from a photo so small that in order to see her head you have to go to the local high school's science class to borrow a microscope
  • You're creating a mural on a wall
  • You want to cut the time spend on creating an outline down to minutes rather than hours

Okay, maybe the microscope thing was a little over the top, but sometimes it can become a pain in the eyes when creating an outline from small references.

Also known as an opaque projector, this device is what some are calling the predecessor to the overhead projector.

Using a grid works great when your reference photo is large enough to see the little details. Eventually you'll have to work with something too small to see clearly. That's when this trusty tool will come in handy.

When drawing a realistic face, every detail matters.

This is particularly true when the portrait is viewed by a someone who is well known to the person whose image is being drawn. Every little dimple you leave out from the cheeks and chin will be noticed.

Caution: The lamps on these can get pretty hot, and the higher-end models produce an intense white light. Both of which could damage an original or heirloom photo.

Here are some things to consider before your purchase:

You don't need to go rushing out to buy one right away. There's plenty of time before you'll really need one.

Get some drawing time under your belt first.

Become familiar with your other art tools.

Do some commissions and save the money until you have enough to buy yourself a good unit.

Start out first by training your brain and hand to cooperate in harmony with each other.

Practice creating realistic drawings by using other methods and tools.

Then, if after saving-up some money and getting more confident with your skills, you want to go get yourself a nice projector, do so!

Having this handy device will help to make you more versatile. You'll be able to accept more commissions, which could mean more income.

And above all else...Have fun!

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