This Page Highlights Some of the Custom Drawing Tutorials That I created for Some of the Visitors to my Site.

I've created this page to spotlight some of the custom drawing tutorials that I have created for some of the visitors that come to my site.

I have received many types of requests, some of which were quite unusual. I generally try and do a tutorial video of the requests that I feel might be of the most use to other visitors to my website.

Occasionally I get requests to draw something for some one. These can be portraits for girl/boyfriends, tattoo outlines, or manga/anime characters. I generally decline these requests as I have way more projects than I can handle as it is, including my day jobs.

What I try to do instead is to encourage these people to go through my site to get an idea as to how they can learn to create their own drawings.

This is after all, this is the reason I built this website!

At times, the tutorials I produce are of subjects that I have had less experiences with. But, as it is with all drawing activities, the basics of drawing are always being used. For example composition, shading and value are always being used.

So it really hasn't mattered what the drawing project has been, my skills in the basic foundations of drawing have enabled me to be fairly competent for the completion of the it can be with you!

I encourage you to submit your own drawing tutorial request.

Just go to the "Contact me" page and send me your request.

custom drawing tutorials List

You may need to click on the full screen button on the video player to enlarge the videos in order to comfortably view them.

Drawing a Tree

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