Drawing Realistic Eyes doesn't have to be Scary!

It's the details that matter when drawing Realistic eyes, and this eye drawing tutorial will help you to focus on these details.

It's been said that the windows to the soul are the eyes, and a good portrait should have the eyes as the main focus.

The eyes are filled with complex details. When beginners are just learning how to draw eyes these details will generally be missing from their finished product.

Check-out the photo on the right. You will get an idea as to how beautifully intricate the human eye can be.

After going though this eye drawing tutorial you will be able to "see" the eye as an artist sees it.

The following is a list of the details that you should be looking for when drawing an eye.

  • The limbus will be the second darkest part of the eye next to the pupil.
  • The pupil is the darkest part of the eye.
  • The pupil is a perfect circle.
  • The complexity of the iris is more visible with light-colored eyes.
  • The iris is a perfect circle.
  • The sclera should rarely be pure white.
  • There should always be at least one highlight in an eye.

Okay, that list will be a good starting point. Other tips will be revealed  as we get into this eye drawing tutorial.

(More To Come)

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