Using Art Tape will lessen the chances of damaging your artwork.

blue art tape

Art Tape also known as Artist Tape, or Drafting Tape will be very useful for holding down your reference photos and drawing paper.

I know, that cheap roll of tan masking tape sure looks tempting at only 98 cents; but heed the wisdom of someone who has been isn't worth the headaches it'll cause you.

If you were to do a search on the types of tapes that are available out there, you would soon find that there are many kinds of tapes available.

This is why you being at this website is going to pay-off; I'll help to make the decision a lot easier.

Art Tape

Artist's tape, or Drafting Tape is specially made to come off of a surface cleanly, without tearing whatever it is put upon. It is more expensive than the other tapes that are discussed here, at around $7.00.

You can find it at your local art supply store, or on-line.

Painter's Tape

Painter's tape, masking, or painting tape is another option that is easier to find. Most big-box home supply companies, and hardware stores carry painter's tape.

Some art supply companies will also carry this type of tape.

Just be aware that cheap masking tape may be too sticky, and could cause damage to your paper or photos.


There are other types and brands of tapes, you can try out. If you wouldn't mind giving me a review of a brand that worked for you, I'd love to hear about it.

Just be very careful using them on a piece of artwork or valuable photo reference. I would do a test run with them on some scratch-paper before using them on a serious work.

Some of these other types of tapes are:

  • book binding
  • packing
  • clear adhesive
  • cloth
  • duct, or sometimes spelled "duck"
  • vinyl
  • masking
  • detailing

Using tape as an art medium

Did you know that there are artists that use tape as an art medium?

They use the tape to create sculptures, or place the tape creatively onto a surface. They also use the tape to mask-off portions of their painting to produce an effect of some kind.

Here is a link to an example of this form of creating art:

I hope you now have some idea as to the possible choices you have for an art tape to use on your artwork.

Just remember to be careful with a tape that you're just trying out. You don't want to use something, that will in some way, damage your art work.

If at any time you have more questions or comments, just let me know.

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