Creating an outline will allow you to
create beautiful, realistic drawings.

Watch the video below for a simple lesson on creating an outline using the grid method.

Creating an outline can be difficult, especially if your not in the very small percentage of people who can create a likeness with no aid of any kind.

But as you've probably already read here, many great masters used a tool called a Dürer Grid.

Get it clean out of your head that using a drawing grid is cheating.

I personally know a prolific painter who uses an art projector to create the outlines for her paintings.

Just remember that the outline is the frame, or foundation...The creative part comes with the blending of the medium, creating the shadows and highlights, thus giving the illusion of 3 dimensions.

If you still feel self conscious, then... just don't tell anyone.

I hope the video gave you a good idea as to how the grid method is used to create an accurate outline from a reference photo.

Some of the other techniques that can be used to create an outline are...

Each one of these methods have their strengths and weaknesses.

You should experiment with them and decide for yourself which method is best suited for you.Drawing faces realistically is important when the portrait is of someone who is a real person. Others who know the person will be able to notice when the image isn't quite right. Some people will be polite and not say anything, while others will be quite willing to point out the crooked mouth, or offset eye.Actually I prefer it when someone tells me when there is a problem with a drawing I've done... it keeps me honest.Accuracy isn't as much of an issue when drawing a random tree as it is when drawing people.If you plan on doing some portrait work for anyone you will need to create an outline that will aid you in producing a believable likeness.Look over the information, and please...

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