Copy Paper will allow you to inexpensively practice your sketching skills.

Copy paper (also known as printer paper) is one of the least expensive types of drawing paper that you can use. You can use as much of this paper as you want and not feel guilty for using too much.

Because it is so inexpensive, you can use it to:

  • practice your technique
  • sharpen pencils (Go here to learn how)
  • exercise your drawing muscles before working on an important piece
  • work on specific skills
  • explore a new subject
  • compare or try out new pencils
  • copy pape

    The great thing about this paper is that it can be purchased nearly everywhere. Go to any place that sells office supplies and you'll find all kinds of weights, colors and sizes. If you're going to use it for just practicing, I would go for the economy grade, as it is the least expensive.

    Although it's wonderful for casual use it's not a good idea to use it for a serious piece. One reason for this is that it's pretty acidic and will yellow over a period of time. It is also kind of limited on the number of textures you have to choose from. Additionally, this paper will, in a short time, cause graphite and the pigment in colored pencils to become slick and shiny.

    Copy paper is also nice to take to a location where you might want to sketch the people or objects around you, say at a mall, or park. It's light-weight, and easy to tote around.

    Here's a money saving tip for you... go to a nearby school or business and ask the teachers and/or office staff to save their used paper rather than throwing it out. You can supply large boxes for them to throw the scrap paper into rather than into the trash can.

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